Cold Hearted is one of those genius pop songs that fuses funk with classical music. Only the Beatles could’ve created something this unique. Late composer Elliot Wolff was someone I wasn’t aware of being a guitarist. The classical part in the middle would always make me stop what I was doing just to listen to it. I was in high school at the time playing guitar with a Thrash Metal band but this song always got me. Well, just that part but then I became curious about the rest of it. It had a dark, mysterious almost Baroque vibe to it. Paula Abdul’s vocal delivery was haunting and perfect conveying the personality of a woman who’d had it with her cheating lover. I cannot imagine and I’ve tried, hearing another pop singer cover this song. There were no tabs so I figured it out note for note by ear. I tried capturing some of the elegance of the violins using economy picking, legato and sustain techniques whiplike trying to maintained the attack of the violin bows.