Traditional Thrash Metal Rig

Guitar Effects

This is one of two effects pedals setups I use.

Pedals left to right:

  • Boss Digital Delay: “DD-3”
  • MXR Chorus: “Black Label Chorus (Zakk Wylde)”
  • Visual Sound Phaser: “Garage Tone Phaser”
  • Digitech Distortion: “Black-13 (Scott Ian)”
  • Dunlop: “Crybaby Wah”
  • Snark: “Tuner”

I’ve had the DD-3 and Dunlop Wah since like 1992. The DD-3 doesn’t color my tone. It is just a totally versatile pedal and if I hear a cool echo from another player, I can dial it in on the DD-3.

The Crybaby has this musical tonality that I don’t get with other wahs. It is just totally sexy and silky. Once I step on it and it’s like “fuck yes – here we go” !!!

The Zakk Chorus is pretty damn diverse. I mean hell, it has an eq on it which isn’t standard on other chorus pedals. I don’t use it for traditional “strum pretty 80’s Metal ballad” type of stuff. I do this other thing with it.

The Phaser I use to …. I’m still not sure. It is not that musical but Visual Sound makes such a killer phaser that I kick it on when the time is right and it does this really crazy thing that…never mind. Its hard to explain.

The Black-13 has replaced my retired Boss DS-1 that I had since like 1986. It is so noisy and fried it looks like B.O.B. from the Black Hole. That pedal is like my best friend so it is enjoying retirement and earning vintage years status. The Black-13 makes all of my guitars sound different in an amazing way. I do however, tend to adjust my technique accordingly. There are killer pedals out there but…Scott Ian designed it so it totally kicks ass!

The Snark tuner has cool LEDs. I like the way it lights up. Its like having Jolly Ranchers at your feet. Oh yeah, and it helps keep your guitar in tune.

That sums it up. This is my Thrash Metal guitar rig!