Mando Padilla is a composer / guitarist who writes heavy, classically inspired and contemporary guitar music.

Listeners have admired the catchy and heavy riffs which intertwine melodic hooks with harmonized counterparts.
Others have compared his music to video game and movie soundtracks.
Stylistically, he has been compared to Buckethead and Yngwie Malmsteen.

For feel, he subconsciously summons jazz legends Vince Guaraldi, Miles Davis and Jimmy Bruno.
Compositionally speaking, he employs Dave Brubeck, Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach for inspiration.
A native Californian himself, Mando has always felt a kindred spirit with Thrash Metal.
By now, the riffing style of James Hetfield has been spiritually infused into Mando’s playing.
He has since shed this skin reinvented himself into a more colorfully versatile form of musician.
Rhythmically, he draws inspiration from contemporary artists like Meshuggah, Veil of Maya and Skyharbor.

His instrumental album “Tripping The Riff” was written and recorded in a month before attending work.
Follow up eps “Us Festival” and “Widow’s Web” were equally written in very short spans of time.

Mando is currently in the process of forming a trio.

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