Over the years I’ve sort of accumulated these little videos that I’d make with the intention of contributing to the guitar community somehow. There are certain videos that I’ll forget about until I receive a message from somebody about how to play something or what tuning I am in.

Here’s a piece of a tab that I wrote out for someone for example:

Wasteland Tab

That kind of feedback made me realize that doing these types of things is worthwhile.

Cover Songs
I only cover songs that I feel connected to. Thankfully, I’ve received e-mails from other players asking how to play certain things or which tuning to use. I’m always happy to share that knowledge with others who feel connections to those songs.

Gear Demos
One thing I like doing is buying pedals (photos coming soon). Some I’ve bought, played for 5 minutes and sold so that I could replace it with ones I like. E-bay / Reverb junkie…..I just like trading in gear like crazy until I find the keepers. Some of them I become so enamored with that I “must” make demos on the spot. I always wonder who made the pedal. I’m so thankful not only to the sound but to the people as well.